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I am Keara Lydon, an internationally qualified ITEC accredited Personal Trainer. Sole owner of KearaFitness. My philosophy as a professional Personal Trainer is that every client is a unique individual. As a new client you will begin with a fitness assessment to determine what your goals, strengths , weakness and needs are. I live and dream fitness every day of my life. My background in health and fitness began at a very young age! I know the discipline to train and achieve your goals. I have represented my country in 2 World Biathle Championships. Upon moving to Ireland, I trained under the Irish National Running Coach and it was here that I developed an addiction to the gym. So much so that I knew that this is what I wanted to do. I am here to help you achieve whatever goals you may have. I want to share my passion with others who have the aspiration to become a better stronger, fitter version of themselves!


After receiving my Internationally recognised ITEC diploma in Personal Training, I started working at FLYEFIT. It is here that I obtained my

experience as a Personal Trainer and developed a love for the following classes:










I bring the equipment to you !

Combined with other equipment, I am using Resistance bands from BodyLastics. All equipment is light and easy to transport and can be used in the smallest of spaces.

The benefits of adding resistance bands to your workouts :

- Adaptable for various fitness levels

- Adds variety to your workout, which is key for challenging your muscles

- Continious tension, improves acceleration

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I always wanted to work for myself. Working in the industry I looked for different opportunities and came up with the concept of I come to you! In - home Personal Training. Even though this concept is not new, I saw a gap in the market and added to the concept by offering services such as bringing a babysitter to you. This is ideal for stay at home moms who can get their workout done in the comfort of their homes, while the kids are been looked after. I also offer the option of getting the kids involved in your workout. This is perfect for working moms who feel guilty coming home and then having to go off to the gym. I make the workout fun so that the kids feel like they are working out with Mom. This also creates an awareness of health & Fitness from a young age. 

The concept is also ideal for woman that feel intimidated with a gym environment. I offer 1 on 1 personal training , specialising in transformations. Enquire about my Metamorphosis package !

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